About My Account

1. Why am I having trouble signing in?
This might be due to incorrect login details i.e. because of incorrect Agent Code/User Name/ Password. If you are facing this problem, please contact your sales representative or our nearest office immediately. For more details login to http://www.roomxclusive.com/reachus.html

2. Can I allow someone else to use my Account?
Your Login Credentials are confidential and only should be used by yourself. Sharing login credentials with any individual is not advisable, please be aware that you are responsible for all the activities happening in your account. You can always create a sub user or a subagent under your login with right access you want to provide. For support on this get in touch with our operation/Sales Team

3. What if I forgot my password?
If you forget your password, you need to click on forgot password option on the home screen or you can contact our nearest office immediately. Our Sales/Operations team will help you to retrieve the password.

Changing or Canceling Reservation

1. Can I get refund if cancelled the booking without charges?
In case of cancellation without charges, money will be reverted back to your account. Operation Team will post a credit note of the booking amount after removing applicable charges if any. In case of booking made through Payment Gateway processing charges would be applicable which is 2.5% or higher in some cards.

2. Will I be charged if guests don't arrive at the hotel as scheduled? Yes. Since the reservation was vouchered, there are charges applicable as per the reservation guidelines shared with you while making the reservation. In case your guests do not arrive at the hotel without any prior information, the booking will be considered as No Show. No refund will be issued for this case, even though if the information is shared to us prior the arrival of the guest the refund is subject to approval of the hotel/supplier

3. Can I change the name of the traveler without informing Roomxclusive.com?
No. Any change pertaining to the booking should be done through Roomxclusive.com, since the booking was made on our system. The hotels will not accept any amendments in the booking from you directly. In case of any direct communication with the hotel, Roomxclusive.com will not be responsible for problems related to check in of the booking

4. How do I modify or cancel reservation?
You can modify or cancel reservation from your account by opening the appropriate booking. In case of any trouble or assistance required, please feel free to contact your local sales and operation Team.

5. What happens to hotel reservation if guests' flight is delayed or they have missed the flights?
Please inform us as soon as possible in case you know that your customer’s flight is delayed or going to be delayed or the clients have missed the flight. We can inform the hotel for corrective actions if possible. Normally in such scenarios the booking is considered as a NO SHOW. However amendments or cancellation will be subject to hotel/ our supplier acceptance.

6. Do I get charged if I cancel or modify reservation? Cancellation or modification made after the reservation is vouchered will be charged according to the cancellation policy of the hotel, which will appear under the cancellation policy tab of a room type selected of a particular hotel. In case of a reservation cancelled which is processed through Payment gateway. Payment gateway processing charges will be applicable

7. In case guests would like to extend their stay while the tour started already, how do I proceed?
You can directly login the system and book the rooms as per availability, if you are not able to find than you can definitely get in touch with us. We will talk to the supplier/hotel directly and will try to get the things done for your customer. In case of more information, please feel free to contact us.


1. Are baby cots available?
Baby cots are available in most of the hotels and subject to availability. Simply tick "Baby Cot" on booking process page and in your notes. However we can’t guarantee a Baby Cot its always subject to availability

2. Can I generally request an extra bed for a third person in a double room and at what cost?
An extra bed in a double/twin room can be requested. Kindly select Triple room when you make a reservation and you will get the rate based on a double room plus an extra bed (triple). If you are not able to find the request your self you can reach our nearest office wherein our sales and operation team would be happy to assist you on the same.

3. What is the child policy?
Different hotels have different children policies. You can get child policy information in the hotel details. However, in most of the cases, children aged 2-12 years old can stay free of charge with their parents using existing beds. No free extra bed (or rollaway) and no meal is provided for a child in normal cases. The child’s breakfast is normally 50% of the adult in rate. However this differs from hotel to hotel within different countries.


1. What do I do when I have a question about the room or hotel?
You can call or email us if you have any questions about hotels or reservations. We will reply to your query as early as possible.

2. Guests will be arriving late in the evening at the hotel. Can they still check-in?
Normally there is a Cutoff time within the hotel which differs from hotel to hotel. In a Normal scenario guest can check-in in the evening as they have already paid for the room and it’s confirmed but this depends on the discretion of the hotel management. if guests are arriving late, please notify us of the arrival time in order to inform the hotels to hold the room and not release the room so that guest can check-in without any trouble.

3. What is Day Use room?
A Day Use room is for usage during a specific time during the day only. For example, the Comfort Suites Airport Hotel in Bangkok has a Day Use room of 3 hours or 6 hours during 8am-6pm. This means you can use the room for 3 hours or 6 hours only during 8am-6pm.

4. Why don't I get a confirmation of reservation via email?
The email might have gone to your spam folder. The auto responders and updates are additional facility and Agents/Users are advised to regularly sign in to their account and see the reservation details or they can contact us to resend the same once again.

5. Who can I contact if guests have a problem with the reservation at the hotel?
You can contact us anytime. You can call us on our 24*7 helpline number which provides check-in related assistance

6. How can I request an early check-in or late check-out time?
You can request an early check-in or a late check-out with us. However, this entire request is not guaranteed. Late check-out usually up to 6pm is normally a half night charge and after 6pm is a full night charge. Sometimes the hotel will allow a free of charge late check-out at 2pm. Early check-in is possible at around 12.00 hours, subject to room availability.

7. How do I know if the room rate includes breakfast?
If breakfast is included, it will show in the hotel details. The details of breakfast will also be there on the confirmed booking page, Vouchered booking page and Invoice.

8. How long in advance can I make a reservation?
You can make a reservation 12 months in advance subject to availability!!!

9. What are single, twin or triple rooms?
Single rooms are for one person. Twin rooms are for 2 persons (regardless if adult or child). Triple rooms are for 3 persons (regardless if adult or child).

10. What is the check-in time and check-out time?
Ideal timings are as below. However the times do vary from hotel to hotel and from Country to Country as every hotel has their own timings/policy to follow

Check in time: 14.00 hours (or later in some hotels)
Check out time: 12.00 hours.

11. What are the differences between Standard, Superior, Deluxe, Junior Suite and Suite?

Standard: A good quality, lower priced room at a hotel
Superior: A higher quality room compared to the standard room but still reasonably priced
Deluxe: These are normally the best equipped and appointed units in a hotel
Junior Suite: A hotel room that features a separate living-sitting area (although not a separate room), in addition to the bedroom
Suite: An accommodation comprising more than one room; occasionally a single large room with clearly defined sleeping and sitting areas.

Making Reservation

1. What is the difference between Available and On-Request status?
Available means rooms that are available and can be confirmed immediately. On-Request means rooms can be requested, but confirmation is subject to the availability at the time you submit the reservation.

2. Do you charge a service fee?
There is no charge for using our service. It is absolutely free.

3. Why do I have to input the nationality?
It is mandatory to put nationality as some hotels have special restrictions and rates for certain nationalities. Therefore, it prevents the customers from facing any trouble at the hotel when checking in.

4. Can I reserve a hotel room by email or fax?
In case you are unable to login to your account to make a reservation, we are available for email or fax reservation. However this is subject to availability

5. Do hotels have minimum age requirements?
This depends on each hotel. Normally, the hotel requires you to be at least 18 years old to check in.

6. Can I make reservations on Roomxclusive.com, without registering?
No. You must be a registered agent in order to make bookings.

7. If the room I selected is under On-Request status, how long does it take to get the result from the hotel?
It usually takes approximately 24 hours. If the room reservation request takes place during a weekend or a peak season, it may take longer.

8. Under whose name should the reservation be made?
The reservation should be made under the name of the person who will check-in and stay at the hotel. If you book multiple rooms, you should use a different name for each room.

9. How do I search for available hotels only?
During the search operation, you can select the “search available only” checkbox located under the mark up box before clicking on the Search button.

10. If I do a search, how do I know whether the hotels are available or not?
Once you make your search of hotels, the hotel/Room Type with Available status will be identified by a green color and hotel/Room Type which are on Request will be identified as with an amber color

11. How do I reserve different types of rooms?
Select one room type and specify the no of rooms under that and in case you need different room type for the other room then you need to click on the Add more room’s icon.

12. How do I reserve different types of rooms?
Select one room type and specify the no of rooms under that and in case you need different room type for the other room then you need to click on the Add more room’s icon.

13. How do I know when the reservation is confirm?
The confirm booking email will be sent to your email address that you specified at the time of registration.


1. What is pay now option?
Whether you are a cash agent or a credit agent, you can still make a booking by paying through credit card under pay now option. Kindly note that there will be payment gateway charges which are applicable and the same will be shared to you at the time of making the reservation.

2. I do not have a credit card. Can I still reserve a room?
Yes. You can reserve the room using your credit balance if you are a credit agent or by depositing the booking amount in our account if you are a cash agent. You can always contact us regarding the same.

3. Why is my credit card rejected?
    Possibilities are:
  1. Number / expiration date is incorrect.
  2. Your issued bank blocks the card for internet usage for security reasons and
  3. Not enough credit or over usage of balance.
  4. Is my credit card secure through your site?
Yes, your credit card information is secure on our website. Upon check-out, your details are directly sent to the bank. All of your information will not be stored anywhere, not in the Roomxclusive.com system and not in the bank servers. This will allow for maximum security.


  1. Will the rate change if I already have the confirmation?
  2. No. Once you receive the confirmation, the rate will not be changed.

  3. If I already have a confirmation but later check and see the lower rate, can I get a refund?
  4. No. Rates are dynamic and can change daily/hourly and as per the availability, therefore, once your reservation is confirmed, you will be committed with that rate and we will not be able to issue any refund.

  5. Why has the rate changed since the last time I checked?
  6. Rates are dynamic and can change daily/hourly and as per the availability

  7. Is your rate inclusive of taxes and service charges?
  8. All the rates displayed on our site are inclusive of applicable taxes and service charges other than the payment gateway charges.


  1. How do guests check-in at the hotel?
  2. The hotel voucher is required to be presented upon check-in to the Reception counter.

  3. What is the Reservation Guarantee?
  4. All reservations made through Roomxclusive.com are reconfirmed. In rarest of scenario if your reserved hotel becomes unavailable or cannot be honored upon check-in please immediately contact our client support team. We will try and arrange a room for you at another convenient and comparable hotel.

  5. My computer crashed near the end of the online process, is my reservation confirmed?
  6. If your computer crashed, the first thing to do is to check your email. Normally, if the reservation is confirmed, you should receive an email with all the confirmation. You can also sign in to your account and check whether the booking was made or not. If you are still unsure and have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Please DO NOT make a duplicated reservation.

  7. If the confirmation email does not arrive or I lose my reservation voucher, how can I print a copy of it?
  8. Again, you can simply login to your account, click on my bookings and print the voucher.

  9. What is hotel/Sightseeing/Transfer voucher?
  10. It is a document that you receive from us after your hotel/Sightseeing/Transfer booking payment has been confirmed. The document proves that you have already paid for the requested services and thus, must be presented upon when asked.

  11. I know where our client wants to stay, but the search results do not show the hotel they
  12. There are several reasons why this could happen: If we don’t have rooms available for the dates you want, the hotel may not show up in your search. You may want to try your search again with other dates. If you use the filters on the search results page to narrow your preferences, it’s possible that you have filtered that hotel out of the listing. The best way to find a specific hotel is to filter by hotel name after performing a search in your desired location. If still you are not able to find the desired hotel you can reach to your nearest office for assistance in this matter

  13. Can I reserve more than one room at a time?
  14. Yes. You can book up to five rooms in a single transaction. Roomxclusive.com is an FIT booking system. Any room bookings more than 3 bookings will invite different cancellation policy and charges

  15. I’m having trouble booking online. What do I do?
  16. Please contact us via the contact details on the site.

  17. If I change a hotel reservation, will I still get the same rate?
  18. Rates and availability are subject to change, so it is possible that the rate will be different from your original reservation.